Ahh, Frizzy Hair!

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For a great many, frizzy hair is not always unwelcome.

Yes, indeed! There are those that truly love the volume or poof that only frizz can bring. It forms a magnificent halo over the head, and it can be transfixingly beautiful. In some cultures, frizz highlights beauty and gorgeously frames the face.

However, for others, frizzy hair is practically the bane of their hair’s existence, mostly because it renders their own hair unmanageable.

We pause here to note that frizzy hair has, in some cases, been historically used to denigrate some segments of our population in the business world – especially people of color. We must soundly reject this destructive, hurtful and outdated attitude. No one must ever fear for their job because of their hair. Nor should anyone fear that they will not be hired because of their hair. Ever.

We digress.

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Frizzy Hair is Gorgeous Hair

So, not everyone wants to sleek out their frizz. Frizz is gorgeous, especially for those that welcome it and really rock it. What some may think as frizzy hair, is actually quite healthy and well-hydrated gorgeous hair that you find in some ethnic groups. That type of genetically gorgeous hair is not the frizz we address here.

The controversy that must be disabused, arises, when folks equate frizzy hair with unhealthy hair. That is not entirely true. What is true, however, is that almost all truly frizzy hair is also dry. Not necessarily unhealthy, just dehydrated. It thus makes sense that when you handle the dryness, you also handle the frizzy condition of the hair. The tools are quite simple as we discuss below.

Managing Frizzy Hair

For those that love the poof and volume but do not like the difficulty in managing a dry, tangled, matted and frizzy hair, the question is: how do we maintain the beloved volume while ensuring proper hydration? We explore the causes of frizzy hair and their rather simple solutions.

We start by identifying some of the main conditions that cause frizzy hair. They include:

  • Weather;
  • Very hot water hair washing;
  • Alcohol in products;
  • Sulfate in products;
  • Overprocessing or over-manipulating the hair;
  • Over-styling with hot styling tools;
  • Hair coloring without correcting with a good hair masque; and
  • Over-washing and stripping the hair of natural oils without proper leave-in conditioner.

From our perspective, the biggest cause of frizzy hair is weather.

Everything else can be controlled or is reasonably within the control of the person with frizzy hair. Be it how often you wash your hair, the type of products you use, the styling tools you use, types of pillows or beddings, the temperature of the water you use in washing your hair; or how often you use styling aids or how hot you like your styling tools.

Regarding the water temperature, there is a school of thought out there that the hotter the water temperature the more frizz is invited. There are some of us that love our hot showers or hot baths, so, it becomes tricky having to give up so much just to avoid frizz. We take the position that if a proper hair masque is used every other week and if a proper leave-in conditioner is also used after each hair wash, this will not matter. Yes, it is really that simple. A good hair masque reconstructs, growths, repairs and protects the hair and a good leave-in conditioner seals in moisture for a bouncy, soft, frizz-free and detangled hair. Thus, you can still enjoy your hot showers or baths and have a frizz-free healthy hair.

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Frizzy Problems & Frizzy Solutions

As we stated, the biggest issue to tackle with frizzy hair is weather. While we cannot control the weather, there are very simple and practical things we can easily incorporate into our daily routines to keep frizz at bay, if frizz is not your cup of tea.

Weather-induced frizzy hair comes in different ways that include humidity, wind and rain, hot weather, cold and freezing weather, and wind. We will address the most problematic humidity, hot weather, and freezing weather. We will then offer additional generally applicable and practical solutions for dealing with frizzy hair.

Humidity-induced Frizz

The first weather-induced frizzy hair issue is humidity. Here you’ve just given yourself a great treat or wash, and you step out into, say, the Florida evening, and poof! Your perfectly coiffed hair has just rearranged itself and you now look like you stuck your finger into an electric socket with an electrified mass of hair. Yup, that is humidity. When the moisture in the air decides the hydration in your hair is no match for it. You will notice this, as we stated, in sunny Florida, beach locations or more tropical areas.

For those with thick hair, the humidity gives you a magnificent halo – a nice ‘fro whether you like it or not. Those with fine hair end up with limp lifeless hair and if you are in-between, you end up with a really unruly-looking hair. The result in some cases, is the unwanted judgement silently directed your way – as if to say that you do not take care of your appearance. It does not matter your ethnic or national background; the result is the same. There is a simple solution.

Solution: For those living in humid locations or just dealing with humid conditions, the simple way to deal with this frizz is a good anti-frizz shampoo and leave-in conditioner. Simple and it works all the time. If your hair is coarse, then, you may benefit by using a formaldehyde-free keratin relaxer once every three to six months. With the keratin relaxer treatment, the advantages include shortening your styling time, dealing with frizz on a longer-term basis, elongating your curls, waves or coils without damaging or flattening your hair.

Cold Winter Frizzy Hair

The next weather-induced frizzy hair mischief is the harsh cold winter weather. Here the issues are dryness, electrified hair and static. The winter weather dries the hair to a brittle that the hair begins to charge itself. You end up with electric, static and frizzy, bone-dry tumbleweed hair. You know this when you’ve gone on a beautiful walk or some other activity, come back home take off your hat and you are getting little electric shocks from your hair! Add to this, that so many of us do not really like to wash our hair that much in the winter.

Solution: Enjoy a wonderful bath or shower. Washing our hair in the winter should not be torture, nor dreaded. Wash your hair using a lovely sulfate-free detangling shampoo, then as you luxuriate in your bath or shower, add a 5-minute anti-frizz conditioner. When you get out of bath or shower, towel dry and apply a good leave-in conditioner. This is what you already do in your normal routine, so, it should be easy to incorporate into your routine. Just check the ingredients in your products. This simple shampooing and conditioning should hold you until your next wash. During the winter months, we advise that you add a heat-activated deep conditioner once every other month to repair damages, nourish, protect and hydrate the hair.

Hot Weather Frizzy Hair

Hot weather can be rough on the hair. It dries and fries the hair. It melts any heavy greasy stuff you put in your hair, leaving the scalp with crud. You scratch your scalp and end up with a finger-full of yuck. In the hot weather, the last thing you want is to load your hair with too much stuff. It will simply weigh your hair down and leave you with unwanted accumulation. Avoid greasy products at all cost.

Solution: In the hot weather, you are not only dealing with the dry condition of the hair, you are also dealing with the sun beating down on your head. Avoid washing your hair too often. If you sweat a lot or are physically active, then you really have no choice but to wash more often. For your hair wash, you need sun protection factor (SPF)-friendly hair products. You will start with a good anti-frizz detangling shampoo, followed by an anti-frizz conditioner. After washing and towel-drying your hair, a small dab of a good leave-in conditioner with natural SPF, is your good friend in this condition.

Rain or Wind-induced Frizz

Frizzy hair that is caused by wind or rain really falls under the category of just-using-your-common-sense to protect your hair, and also use complimentary hair styling. A great many of us love the wind blowing through our hair. Same with rain, but not to the same degree.

The practical things to do in these nature walks to keep the hair less messy, include, using protective hair styling like braiding or plaiting the hair (avoid tight braiding as over time can cause tract alopecia).

Another practical styling is a lose low ponytail. You will not go wrong with a headbands and hats are always in style. No, we do not endorse a heavy-duty hair spray. However, a good Hair Polish Finishing Serum may help. Using a good leave-in conditioner is always a plus.

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Additional Ways to Manage the Frizz

Here are other general solutions to consider in order to minimize or eliminate frizz.

Avoid Sulfates

Sulfates are not your friend, especially when your hair is prone to frizz. There are times and places for sulfates such as for breaking down grease and for dishes, but not in your hair in these circumstances. We actually take the position that as a general proposition, you should avoid sulfates and alkali on the skin and hair. We have written about sulfates a bit more in the past and you can read more about it in the linked post. For those with frizzy hair, sulfate-free products are of singular importance.

Solutions If You Use Hair Color

Hair color exposes the hair shaft to weakness, dryness and frizz. If you color your hair, it is strongly recommended that you use a hair masque every three weeks. A good masque is essential to rebuilding and repairing the hair’s bonds. We recommend that you use such hair masque initially within one week of coloring your hair and every three weeks thereafter. Some hair coloring products may allow you to mix the masque into the color itself during application. In that case, the hair masque serves as a protein filler which seals color within the hair cortex and makes the hair stronger, more hydrated and healthier. Not all hair coloring allows such a mixture. So, read your instructions and follow them.

Avoid Overprocessing The Hair

Over processing or over-manipulating the hair can and do invite frizz. If, however, you are one of those adventurous souls that just love to change things up and try different styles, modalities and looks more frequently, then, it is also imperative that you use a hair masque every other week and a heat-activated deep conditioner once every month. A good hair masque like the one we linked in this article will strengthen and repair your hair, add volume to the hair, help seal in moisture and give you an overall healthy hair. The recommended intense deep conditioning crème that has a special mix of proteins, vitamins and amino acids, on the other hand, will help promote hair growth, repair damages, ensure the hair’s rehydration and strengthen the hair’s keratin bonds.

Use the Right Keratin Kit Relaxer, Shampoos and Conditioners

Proper anti-frizz, sulfate-free shampoos, hair conditioners and hair masques offer the most effective tools against frizz. However, for those who in addition, have coarse, tangled, unruly and tightly curled difficult-to-manage hair, a good formaldehyde-free Keratin Relaxer 4-step kit will be an ideal longer-term solution, in addition to the shampoos and conditioners. There are many keratin treatments on the market, make sure what you use is free of formaldehyde. The proper keratin relaxer kit will give a more polished look, elongate the hair but not fry the hair, soften the strands, strengthen the hair and banish the frizz for a longer period of time.

Finally, please ease up on the number of products you apply to your hair. While good-intentioned, too much of a good thing can be bad. A little goes a long way. Find what works for your beautiful hair and stick with it. Avoid overloading the hair with all sorts of different products. Less is more.

Go Ahead, Let Your Frizz Out!

So, go out there, enjoy your bath, your shower, your day out on the beach, on the slopes, in the rain, in the wind, in the ski lodge or out in the jungle, or just doing nothing, and be your ever-gorgeous self.

We salute you.

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