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Shinkafa Hair Care


Shinkafa's hair care line is carefully crafted with superior and effective ingredients, derived from nature, to give you the basic healthy, clean, hydrated, smooth, strong, soft, bouncy and growing soft hair at a minimum. Shinkafa Hair care line is crafted to grow your hair and maintain the hydration, integrity and strength of your hair especially for those that chemically process or color their hair.

For those with dry hair Shinkafa Hair care is designed to make sure that hydration is returned to your hair weightlessly and greaselessly. For those dealing with matted, tangled hair and frizzy hair, you are in luck with our anti-frizz line! For those dealing with hair loss and those who color their hair, our masque is always the first place to start on your way to repair the damage to your hair. For itchy scalp, we recommend you start with our charcoal shampoo and deep conditioner.

From our hair masque, to our leave-in conditioner, to our anti-frizz detangling shampoos, anti-frizz conditioner and deep conditioner and our hair polish finishing serum, we have a well-rounded line of effective and superior products that put the "CARE" truly in your hair care.

Shinkafa hair care products are sought after by those with problem, dry and difficult-to-manage, dull, brittle, dehydrated, chemically treated, thinning, coarse, curly, wavy, straight, natural and aging hair types.

Shinkafa hair care products are crafted to decrease and slow signs of aging in both young and old with superior anti-aging nourishing properties sourced from nature. Shinkafa hair care products come with natural sun protection.

For those with sensitive skin, especially, the acne-prone and eczema-prone skin, it is very important that their hair care products not contribute to their problems. So, our hair  care products compliment our skin care products for those individuals. Oat is a common ingredient for some eczema-prone skin care products, but some folks in this group find that to be allergic or intolerable to them. Shinkafa body washes, oils and creams as well as our hair care products do not have oatmeal or some other ingredients that this group find to be irritating or allergenic.

A healthy hair is a happy hair.

Shinkafa has been making some news! You may read up on what the press have said about our products. After testing our products, the world-class Tribu-te Hair & Beauty Magazine reviewed Shinkafa hair care products and our Shinkafa skin care line of products to rave reviews. This is what was written separately about our Shinkafa Keratin Relaxer Hair Smoothing 4-Step Kit after testing our kit. The Los Angeles Sentinel featured Shinkafa’s vision in creating products without harmful chemicals. And, the Voyage LA spotlighted our founder’s vision and the Shinkafa products as a whole.

Our revolutionary luxurious and highly effective Shinkafa hair care products, include our game-changing Keratin hair smoothing treatment hair relaxer 4-step kit (not to be confused with the chemical, burning alkali or acid relaxers), de-frizz, nourish, grow, restore, detangle, soften, elongate curls gently, making your hair fuller, thicker, softer, hydrated, stronger, healthier and more manageable than you ever dreamed possible.

You were born for this, and Shinkafa was born for you.

All Shinkafa hair care products are made in California, USA without harmful chemicals. All Shinkafa products are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, formaldehyde or artificial colorants. Our products are only tested on humans. We have ZERO animal testing. Some hair processing products may contain stronger rinses when indicated.

Shinkafa Hair Care Is Used For:

  • dry hair
  • tangled hair
  • frizzy hair
  • hair relaxer keratin treatment
  • hair expansion
  • damaged hair
  • hair coloring protein filler
  • hair reconstruction
  • hair detox
  • deep conditioning
  • hair masking and repair

How Shinkafa Hair Care Evolved:

When our founder, Ngozi, set out to solve problems that were plaguing with her own hair, she had no idea that it would transform her kitchen experiments into commercial products with wide daily appeal and application that is Shinkafa Hair Care. Ngozi has what some call a 4C hair type. It can be difficult and painful to manage and that made her really dread her hair care. It was both very time-consuming and painful to manage. Needless to say that like most in that predicament, she tried everything that was available from alkali relaxers that burnt her scalp and ears to Jheri Curls acid relaxers with their own issues including greasy curl activators (think - the couch scene from the movie "Coming to America"), to weaves, braiding, hair plaiting, etc. One was more painful or more time-consuming than the other. She did not particular desire straight hair, as she did not feel it looked particularly good on her and seemed rather unnatural. If it was that straight, she reasoned, it was already fried.

Shinkafa Keratin Relaxer:

The most nagging question she face in her research was finding non-alkali and natural ingredients that could work to help loosen her tight coils. Her answer, over a decade ago, was keratin. From that, she created the unique Shinkafa Keratin Relaxer 4-Step Kit that she uses every 3 months to relax, expand and enlongate her hair's coils which allows her to have natural or sleek look, depending on the style she desires. The Shinkafa Keratin Relaxer does not burn and does not hurt and you use it once every 9 weeks on average. It does not make your hair straight either. It simply elongate the curls, coils or waves and smoothens the frizz. Some liken our kit to the Brazilian Treatment. However, in this regard, we caution that Shinkafa Relaxer kit does not have formaldehyde and you do not have to go to the salon to apply it. Our kit is for home use and is quite easy to use.

Effective Care For Dry, Frizzy and Tangled Hair:

In Shinkafa, Ngozi has created a hair care line that has proven very effective in dealing with frizz and frizzy hair of any kind or age group. It is our Shinkafa line of anti-frizz shampoos, conditioners, hair polish and hair masques. Our leave-in conditioner also comes with sun protection. As with the Shinkafa skin care, Ngozi has since realized that our Shinkafa Hair Care is so well sought after by people dealing with tangled, dry, dehydrated, frizzy and difficult-to-manage hair without regard to their heritage. Ngozi's own family and friends are racially diverse, so, she also knows this to the true, first-hand. Lots of parents and grandparents tell us that their children have a lot less ouchies with our Shinkafa shampoos and conditioners. The popular and widely used pair by our families are our Shampoos with our leave-in conditioner. They seem to be the easiest and most effective way to deal with tangled hair dehydrated hair. For most people, result is instantaneous. We however ask that you give the products a few applications and you will be happy with the results.

Shinkafa Hair Masque, Protein Filler & Deep Conditioner:

Hair coloring is something a lot of us do. Whether it is to change our style or because we want to cover up some gray hair, this routine can be challenging, especially because of attendant issues with hair dyes. As with most chemical-based products, the hair dyes can wreak havoc on the health of our hair. They can make the hair more prone to breakage, weak and dull-looking. For this, Ngozi created our protein keratin hair masque as a reconstructing protein filler. Shinkafa hair masque (hair mask) is for home use. When mixed with the hair color, it helps seal in color and make the hair stronger during hair coloring process. Used as a deep repairing and reconstructing hair repair, it is recommended as monthly deep conditioner to strengthen the hair. You will notice a healthier, thicker and stronger hair. Shinkafa's deep conditioner is heat-activated and is mostly used by those with very badly damaged hair. We recommend that this group should alternate our deep conditioner with our hair masque to strengthen their hair. For those with thinning hair, our relaxer kit, our masques and deep conditioner are their go-to hair care. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to be in your homes.