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Shinkafa Hair Care


Shinkafa’s hair care line is carefully crafted with superior and effective ingredients, derived from nature, to give you the basic healthy, clean, hydrated, smooth, strong, soft, bouncy and growing soft hair at a minimum. Shinkafa Hair care line is crafted to grow your hair and maintain the hydration, integrity and strength of your hair especially for those that chemically process or color their hair. For those with dry hair Shinkafa Hair care is designed to make sure that hydration is returned to your hair weightlessly and greaselessly. For those dealing with matted, tangled hair and frizzy hair, you are in luck with our anti-frizz line! For those dealing with hair loss and those who color their hair, our masque is always the first place to start on your way to repair the damage to your hair. For itchy scalp, we recommend you start with our charcoal shampoo and deep conditioner. From our hair masque, to our leave-in conditioner, to our anti-frizz detangling shampoos, anti-frizz conditioner and deep conditioner and our hair polish finishing serum, we have a well-rounded line of effective and superior products that put the “CARE” truly in your hair care.

Shinkafa hair care products are sought after by those with problem, dry and difficult-to-manage Biracial hair, Caucasian hair, Asian hair, African hair and Hispanic hair types.

A healthy hair is a happy hair.

Our revolutionary luxurious and highly effective Shinkafa hair care products, include our game-changing Keratin hair smoothing treatment hair relaxer 4-step kit (not to be confused with the chemical, burning alkali or acid relaxers), de-frizz, nourish, grow, restore, detangle, soften, elongate curls gently, making your hair fuller, thicker, softer, hydrated, stronger, healthier and more manageable than you ever dreamed possible. You were born for this, and Shinkafa was born for you.

All Shinkafa products are made in the USA without harmful chemicals. All Shinkafa products are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, formaldehyde or artificial colorants. Our products are only tested on humans. We have ZERO animal testing.



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