Shinkafa came about as a result of the vision of one woman, Ngozi Onwuamaegbu Bolin, an industrialist and an attorney in multiple continents. Ngozi survived the Biafran war, famine and deprivation as a child. She went on to become a Barrister and Solicitor under the British Commonwealth and an accomplished and gifted trial lawyer in New York and California, USA. Ngozi believes that ethics should apply not only to the law but in the delivery of products to the consumer. Read more about Ngozi below, under “About Our Founder.” You should know that on March 30, 2017, our Founder and President, Ngozi Bolin, was honored by the United States Department of Agriculture for sharing her expertise, knowledge and personal reflections on “Honoring Trailblazing Women In Labor And Business” in celebration of the 2017 National Women’s History Month.

Shinkafa manufactures and sells its highly effective premium luxury products for hydrated, soft, healthy hair and skin, in basic everyday care for our skin and hair. Our products are and should be a staple in every household, for the entire family, for the routine daily skincare and haircare  Our products are especially ideal for those who require superior daily hydration. Therefore, our products are so very well suited for those with dry skin, dry hair, sensitive or sensitized skin, and those who struggle with acne, who require proper and effective hydration, without harshness or harmful chemicals, in the basic daily care for their hair and skin.

Shinkafa’s products are made in California, USA with active ingredients derived from nature, to ensure optimal performance. Our products consist of fully integrated hair and skin care lines crafted to work well together, without harmful chemicals. Our products include:

  • Body Oil
  • Body Oil with Natural Toning
  • Body Wash
  • Charcoal Body Wash
  • Stretch Mark & Blemish Cream
  • Body Cream with Natural SPF
  • Body Cream with Natural Toning
  • Face Masque
  • Face Mousse Primer
  • Protein Keratin Hair Masque
  • Protein Keratin Hair Masque With Black IB Color
  • Protein Keratin Leave-in Conditioner with Biotin
  • Anti Frizz Detangling Keratin Shampoo with Biotin
  • Protein Keratin Leave-in Conditioner with Biotin
  • Anti Frizz Detangling Keratin Shampoo with Biotin
  • Anti Frizz Detangling Charcoal Keratin Shampoo with Biotin
  • Anti Frizz Conditioner
  • Deep Conditioning Crème
  • Hair Polish Finishing Serum
  • Keratin Hair Relaxer 4-Step Kit

All Shinkafa products are free of parabens, sulfates, hydroquinone, phthalates, formaldehyde or artificial colorants.

Shinkafa’s dedication to perfection is poured into Shinkafa’s luxurious and effective lines of shampoos, conditioners, masques, body washes, body creams and oils – where only the best natural active ingredients are used to create these incredibly decadent-yet-good-for-your hair and skin care products. And yes, without harmful chemicals.


Shopping with Shinkafa isn’t just good for your hair and skin; it’s good for your wallet as well. Each of our products is highly effective in the area of its function, saving you money in the long run. We have a loyal following because of the effectiveness of our products, all made without harmful chemicals. From our conditioners and shampoos to our body creams, oils, face mousse and face masque, Shinkafa taps into the best that nature has to offer to allow your inner you to shine through. Shinkafa is a company proudly making all of its products in the USA; and is a company that is dedicated to doing no harm to your skin, hair or the environment.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to make the world a better and healthier place for women of the world and the men and children they love.

Ngozi Bolin, Shinkafa Founder


Our founder is Ngozi Bolin. Ngozi, is directly descended from Eze Nri Ifikuanim, the first king of the Igbo people of Nigeria. As a child, Ngozi (whose name translated means “Blessing”) dreamed of crafting superior hair and body care products using the abundance of active ingredients from nature. Born in 1965 and growing up in war-torn Biafra, Nigeria, West Africa, she discovered natural ways to care for damaged skin and hair using only the herbs, oils, charcoal, butters and clays available to her from the land. There was an embargo against her homeland, so, she had to make do with what nature provided. It proved to be a pivotal lesson in Ngozi’s vision.

Little Ngozi and her family lived in bunkers during the unrelenting devastating civil war. They were hungry, her family lost everything they had including her father’s considerable wealth in real estate, funds and industries, but they had each other. They are a resilient people and strongly believe in the endless inexhaustible power of the Almighty to work wonders.

After the war, the embargo was lifted. Thereafter, Ngozi and her family were bombarded by the influx of chemically-laden skincare and haircare products. The initial excitement of these products wore off when it became clear to Ngozi that a lot of those products were made of unpronounceable harmful chemicals and caused untold harm. It took a while for that realization to come. She realized that what she could make with natural ingredients were superior to whatever any of those unpronounceable chemicals could deliver. She reached back to the years during the war and continued to make skincare and haircare products for her own use in her kitchen. Ngozi, to this day, continues to see the devastating impact of these ineffective and harmful-chemicals-laden hair care and skin care products.

Ngozi does not just want to make products that are a fad – here one day and gone the next. She wanted to create a way of life. A staple in every household. Her goal is to the delivery of effective, superior and luxury basic products in routine daily healthy skin care and hair care. Ngozi wants you to have the absolute essential, effective, healthy and luxurious basic skin care and hair care products without harmful chemicals. That is why she believes that hair care and skin must be approached from the perspective of nourishment and that the ingredients used must not only be superior and effective but must be derived from nature. It is for this reason that Shinkafa is a metaphor for superior nourishment for the hair and skin. For instance, Ngozi would ask: “What is the benefit to a baby of baby oil that contains mineral oil? Not only is mineral oil ineffective, it can damage and dehydrate the skin.” That is how she sees basic care for our skin and hair and it must start early in life.

Crafting homemade recipes in her kitchen, Ngozi’s friends and family quickly came to rely on her effective and luxurious creations for more than just healthy skin and hair, but also to deal with acne, dry skin, ashy skin, itchy skin, and dull skin. They also began to rely on Ngozi’s creations for  tangled hair, frizzy, damaged, breaking and difficult-to-manage hair. The hair products were of particular interest to Ngozi because, she cannot comb her hair with out help. After years of devastating skin and scalp burns from alkali relaxer, texturizes and even Jheri Curls, she knew she had to find a healthy solution to dealing with difficult to manage hair.

And as Ngozi’s recipes evolved, her vision grew: to help alleviate chemical sensitivities and sensitized skin. She had a very selfish reason for this as well. Ngozi developed sensitivity to certain chemicals and began reacting badly to certain products on the market. So, she decided to incorporate active ingredients to deal with sensitive and sensitized skin into her formulations. Research show, that there are many with sensitive and sensitized skin for whom the market place is a hostile environment, as they continue to be bombarded by ineffective products with harmful chemicals. What good is a product to you, if you break out every time you use it? Or just can’t stop sneezing, burning or itching? Can you imagine the dread that brings to someone just to take a shower or wash their hair?

However, Ngozi did not immediately think to commercialize her products. She had a successful law practice to run. It was after Ngozi grew somewhat disenchanted with the practice of law (she still enjoys limited involvement with the law practice or pro bono work), that she decided to fully turn her focus to bringing Shinkafa to life commercially. By this time, it was not just friends and family that were asking for her products. The demand had grown by word of mouth. Ngozi is very much ahead of her time in insisting on making her products with the best active ingredients from nature and without harmful chemicals. She believes that skin care and hair care products must be effective and without harmful chemicals. They must also be affordable.

Ngozi’s youngest sister had struggled so badly with acne. Her face was almost always oily, broken out with inflamed acne that left bad scars on her beautiful face. She used everything and her face still oozed with pus. She always had painful bumps and lumps on her face, chest and shoulders. It was painful, embarrassing and traumatic for her, for a very long time. It was the need to find a solution for her baby sister that led Ngozi to craft the Shinkafa Face Masque that deals a knock-out punch to acne. Ngozi makes sure that her sister is never without this face masque. She was the willing and patient test subject for Ngozi for the 6 years that it took Ngozi to perfect this masque for her little sister and others. Shinkafa is only tested on humans. Absolutely NO ANMIAL TESTING.

Over the decades since 2004, this natural alchemist and industrialist, who is trained and admitted as a trial lawyer in New York and California and a Barrister and Solicitor under the British Commonwealth, shifted her focus away from her professional training as a lawyer, and instead directed sights to her passion of helping alleviate hair and skin care problems that many across the globe deal with. She accomplished all this through extensive research and working with the best in the industry. In so doing, she has fine-tuned her formulations in an effort to aid in the plight of many with acne, sensitive skin, dryness, itchiness, oily hair and skin, oily/dry combinations, overly stressed hair, straw-like hair, and those people with chemical sensitivity to the most basic of personal care products, to mention a few. And by continuing to seek out and discover new, exquisite, and nourishing ingredients and formulations, she laid the groundwork for what Shinkafa has ultimately become a revolution in effective luxury hair care and skin care for the women of the world.

Shinkafa, as a name was chosen partly to honor Ngozi’s father, Late Sir Gilbert Onwuamaegbu, who as a young man lived in the Northern part of Nigeria and loved the meal tuwon shinkafa. Shinkafa means rice in Nigeria. Rice feeds billions all over the world and is a metaphor for superior nourishment. Some of Ngozi’s products are also crafted with hydrolyzed rice protein. Inside the Shinkafa crest you will see in Ibo: “NNI ISI NA ARU.” It means “food for the hair and skin.” Shinkafa as a company represents superior, effective and luxurious nourishment for the skin and the hair, for the entire family, without harmful chemicals.

Along with several honors bestowed on Ngozi personally, Shinkafa has also been in the news. Read up on what the press has said lately about our products: After testing them out, the world-class Tribu-te Hair & Beauty Magazine reviewed both our skin care products as well as our hair care products to rave reviews; They also separately highly reviewed our Shinkafa Keratin Relaxer Hair Smoothing 4-Step Kit after testing the kit; The Los Angeles Sentinel featured Shinkafa’s vision in creating products without harmful chemicals; And Voyage LA spotlighted our founder’s vision and the Shinkafa products as a whole.


NUTRITION FOR HAIR & BODY Shinkafa has crafted effective superior products to address the overall health of the hair without harmful chemicals.

NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS  For those with chemical sensitivity, there is relief with Shinkafa’s superior and effective products without harmful chemicals.

BE WHO YOU WERE BORN TO BE What is beauty if it is only fleeting? Our unique and effective skin care and hair care products enhance your beauty from within.