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Can the Hair Care kit

Question: Can the Hair Care kit be used with hair coloring. ? Im 60 yrs old and gets my hair colored about every 5 months.

Response: Good Morning Jackie:

Yes, the hair kit can be used on hair that has been colored. Also, our shampoos and conditioners work on color-treated hair wonderfully.

If you are about to retouch your color, use the kit first and then retouch your color. We also recommend that you add our hair masque to your color, when you color your hair to strengthen your hair. Then, use the masque every month to enhance the strength of your hair.

If your question is whether they can also be done on the same day. The answer is also yes. However, since you color every 5 months, use the kit and then do your next color at a later date. The kit is used every 3 months for normal hair, depending on your hair growth. Since you color every 5 months, then, the kit will be just fine for you every three months.

Thank you for your question and have a wonderful day.


Jackie Orr

I exclusively use & love all the Shinkafa products…

Letters to Shinkafa

but I particularly love the “Face Protector Mousse” make-up primer as it doesn’t only protect my face but shields it from all the harsh chemicals that am exposed to throughout the day. My face seems smoother after it’s applied & I love that my make-up doesn’t smudge on my clothes.

I love & have used the Shinkafa body oil for the last 2 years. It’s rich, smells good & moisturizes very nicely. Friends that I have given the product to as a gift also love it & have since placed their own orders for this product. Try it for yourself!!

McAlester, Oklahoma USA

All my life, I have struggled with acne…

Letters to Shinkafa

I have insane breakout! Sometimes I go on medication due to acne. I have lived on ProActiv, until I started using Shinkafa’s face masque. My acne was gone in about five applications. I treated the dark spots with Shinkafa’s toning cream, but only used that for about 3 weeks and stopped after the spot faded. I now use the face masque every three days to make sure the acne stays away. I use Shinkafa’s body cream with natural SPF and the face mousse as part of my daily upkeep. I am happily acne-free and can put on makeup without my face being an oily bumpy mess. Hopefully, you will start shipping in the UK soon. I normally have my order shipped to my family in the US who then ship to me here in the UK.

Vanessa KenGolden
Police Superintendent
London, UK

I’ve tried every drugstore and department store for body creams on the market for my extremely dry and sensitive skin.

Letters to Shinkafa

Nothing works better than Shinkafa products (esp. the Body Cream, Face Masque, Body Wash and Body Oil). The results are immediate and last for over 12 hours without reapplying. My skin is super soft, but not greasy at all. After nearly one month of use, I saw significant improvements in my skin’s texture, elasticity and smoothness overall. Finally after many years, my skin is well-tended. I am stocking up!

Susan Dee Jacobs
Provence, France

My skin looks amazing and I’m not wearing any make-up.

I believe I have on just the face primer and lip gloss. I wanted to show you before and after of my hair and skin since I begun using your products. So here are a few before and I will send you the after. The results have worked for me. You will see before pics of hair loss and it regrowth. My skin also look great the after photos you can judge for yourself.

The products that I use are the kit relaxer, shampoo, body wash, leave-in conditioner, hair masque, hair polish and face masque. I do not put on my makeup without the face mousse. Every other week, I use the hair masque and deep conditioner. I use the face masque every week. I put it on my hands too (sorry, I know it was not made for that, but, since it tightens just about everything else…). The body wash is to die for.

Christene Von Stuhl
HR Director
New York, NY USA

At 82 years of age, I thought I had tried every product known to man…

Letters to Shinkafa

At 82 years of age, I thought I had tried every product known to man, including the most expensive and the cheapest in search of the best products for my skin and hair. I was quite fine with my regimen until a good friend introduced me to Shinkafa’s products. I was given the face masque, face mousse and leave-in conditioner. I have since added to those by also buying the blemish cream. I wear makeup daily, so, the face mousse was the first one I tried. I loved it. It made my makeup shine-free. When I had some time on a Saturday to try the face masque, I found that it is in a league of its own. I now use it every week. It is terrific. It tightens my face and gives me such a youthful glow. I do not have any hair or skin problems skin. My hair is still its natural color at my age. Oh, by the way, I also use it on my neck! At night, I always indulge in the blemish cream which makes sure I do not have raccoon eyes. Oh, I have also added the body wash and it is absolutely divine. A little goes a long way.

Adrienne LaTorre
Banker & Socialite
New York, NY USA

Shinkafa’s body oil offers me intense relief.

Letters to Shinkafa

I am a concerned person who happen to suffer dry skin problem due to consumption of so many medications from medical conditions which cause my skin to be so dry and itch a lot. I am sensitive to most creams or oils on the market. Shinkafa’s body oil offers me intense relief. I do not go a day without it. Thank you for creating such wonderful products that actually help people.

Bendukaosi Nnoli
Boston, MA USA


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