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Our revolutionary Shinkafa for Hair products, including our game-changing Keratin hair relaxer kit, nourish, grow, restore, detangle, soften, expand and straighten curls naturally, making hair fuller, healthier and more manageable than you ever dreamed possible.

From creams to masques to oils, Shinkafa for Body products have been carefully formulated for all skin tones to hydrate, heal, soothe, cleanse, tone, and remove blemishes, leaving your skin smooth, silky, firm and luminous beyond belief.


NUTRITION FOR HAIR & BODY Shinkafa has crafted key products to address the overall health of the hair without resort to harmful chemicals.

BE WHO YOU WERE BORN TO BE What is beauty if it is only fleeting? Our unique and specific formulations enhance your beauty from within.

NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS  For those with chemical sensitivity, there is relief with Shinkafa’s superior products without harmful chemicals.

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