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Shinkafa Body Care


Shinkafa's skin care products are crafted with effective active ingredients, derived from nature, to ensure basic, clean, healthy, hydrated, firm, supple, smooth and soft skin at a minimum. For those dealing with dry, itchy or flaky skin and their complications, our creams and oils are highly effective without greasiness. They melt into your skin. For those with chemical sensitivity, you are in luck! For those with itchy and problem skin, you will find comfort in our body washes, creams and oils. Our correcting, purifying and toning face masque is highly effective on acne.

Those dealing with blemishes have an effective solution with our stretch mark and blemish cream. If you love your makeup, but your skin does not, then, incorporate our face protector mousse primer into your routine. For those dealing with hyper pigmentation, our correcting and complexion toning oil and cream offer exquisite skin toning and smoothening with superior ingredients. Crepey, saggy, dry skin craves hydration and our body line offers superior hydration without harmful chemicals.

For those with sensitive eczema-prone skin, there is good news. Oat is a common ingredient for some eczema-prone skin care products, but some in this group find that to be allergic or intolerable to them. Shinkafa body washes, oils and creams (and Shinkafa hair care products) do not have oats or some other ingredients that this group find to be irritating to their skin or hair.

Shinkafa skin care products are intentionally designed to decrease and slow signs of aging in both young and old with superior nourishing anti-aging ingredients found in nature. Shinkafa skin care also come with natural sun protection.

From creams to masques to oils, Shinkafa's highly effective luxury line of basic, daily, health skin care products have been carefully formulated for all skin types to hydrate, heal, soothe, soften, cleanse, tone, nourish, correct, purify, detox, smoothen and remove blemishes, leaving your skin healthy, smooth, silky, firm, hydrated and luminous beyond belief. You were born for this, and Shinkafa was born for you.

A healthy skin is a happy skin.

Shinkafa has been making some news! You may read up on what the press have said about our products. After testing our products, the world-class Tribu-te Hair & Beauty Magazine reviewed Shinkafa hair care products and our Shinkafa skin care line of products to rave reviews. This is what was written separately about our Shinkafa Keratin Relaxer Hair Smoothing 4-Step Kit after testing our kit. The Los Angeles Sentinel featured Shinkafa’s vision in creating products without harmful chemicals. And, the Voyage LA spotlighted our founder’s vision and the Shinkafa products as a whole.

All Shinkafa skin care products are made in the USA without harmful chemicals. Shinkafa products do not have parabens, sulfates, phthalates, formaldehyde or artificial colorants. Our products are only tested on humans. We have ZERO animal testing.