Shinkafa was founded on the belief that there is a better way for women of the world to care for their hair and skin, without having to resort to products chock-full of harmful chemicals. A better way, with better ingredients, and at a reasonable price. And we are proud to have been able to create products that do just that. But when it comes down to it, what really matters is that they work for you. Which is why your wonderful reviews mean so much to us. Keep ‘em coming. And we’ll keep on doing what we’re doing for as long as we can.

Patricia Ikponmwosa-Amadin Avatar

Thank you for this long-awaited opportunity to review Shinkafa's products...their body wash is a masterpiece! My skin is much more hydrated now. Will recommend it ten times over!

Patricia Ikponmwosa-Amadin
Nafi Biteye Avatar

So nice

Nafi Biteye
Phareederh Abdullahi Ciroma Avatar

So amazing I love it

Phareederh Abdullahi Ciroma
Fatima Abdu Yandoma Avatar

Wow beautiful

Fatima Abdu Yandoma
N'Jie Mignone Avatar

Shinkafa products are revolutionary! No harmful components were used in the production of these amazing products. One try, and you'll be hooked. My favorites are the face masque, body wash body cream, body oil and blemish cream. Heck, all the products are my favorites.

N'Jie Mignone
Chuka Okonkwo Avatar

After using the face mask and the body lotion I knew I had to give a review. Shinkafa face masks leaves you with such a beautiful natural glow to the skin without looking shimmery at all. The lotion is smooth and thick, but it absorbs well without leavening your greasy or waxy. It provides substantial and immediate moisturizing. This combo before bedtime leaves you with super soft skin in the morning.

Chuka Okonkwo
Teresa Owens Avatar

Having won the haircare package. Ive been able to try them all on me as well as my family. They're all great! For all hair types from hubby's curly hair to my straight and our little ones mixed hair. We plan on using this brand for a long time to come. Thanks! !

Teresa & Family

Teresa Owens
Annii Okonkwo Avatar

Amazing range of products! I used the shampoo and instantly fell in love! Its my go to hair product, leaves my hair feeling and smelling great!

Annii Okonkwo
Linda Ifebude Avatar


Linda Ifebude
Dieynaba Gueye Avatar

J aime Shinkafa super belle jolie Very nice toute verema magnifique Adorable rekh

Dieynaba Gueye
Agbasimere Ifeyinwa Avatar

Great product, shinkafa product should be every lady’s best friend

Agbasimere Ifeyinwa
Austin Zuam Avatar

The body wash is out of this world, it moisturizes the body leaving it glowingly beautiful, the body oil totally awesome. A most use for every family, highly recommended.

Austin Zuam


Shinkafa has crafted key products to address the overall health of the hair without resort to harmful chemicals.

For those with chemical sensitivity, there is relief with Shinkafa’s superior products without harmful chemicals.

What is beauty if it is only fleeting? Our unique and specific formulations enhance your beauty from within.

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