Can the Hair Care kit

Question: Can the Hair Care kit be used with hair coloring. ? Im 60 yrs old and gets my hair colored about every 5 months.

Response: Good Morning Jackie:

Yes, the hair kit can be used on hair that has been colored. Also, our shampoos and conditioners work on color-treated hair wonderfully.

If you are about to retouch your color, use the kit first and then retouch your color. We also recommend that you add our hair masque to your color, when you color your hair to strengthen your hair. Then, use the masque every month to enhance the strength of your hair.

If your question is whether they can also be done on the same day. The answer is also yes. However, since you color every 5 months, use the kit and then do your next color at a later date. The kit is used every 3 months for normal hair, depending on your hair growth. Since you color every 5 months, then, the kit will be just fine for you every three months.

Thank you for your question and have a wonderful day.



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