My skin looks amazing and I’m not wearing any make-up.

I believe I have on just the face primer and lip gloss. I wanted to show you before and after of my hair and skin since I begun using your products. So here are a few before and I will send you the after. The results have worked for me. You will see before pics of hair loss and it regrowth. My skin also look great the after photos you can judge for yourself.

The products that I use are the kit relaxer, shampoo, body wash, leave-in conditioner, hair masque, hair polish and face masque. I do not put on my makeup without the face mousse. Every other week, I use the hair masque and deep conditioner. I use the face masque every week. I put it on my hands too (sorry, I know it was not made for that, but, since it tightens just about everything else…). The body wash is to die for.


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