Our hair is made up of proteins and disulphide bonds. Our hair fulfils the critical functions of protection, regulation of body temperature, and facilitation of evaporation of perspiration, among others and will degenerate without proper protection and nourishments of its key components. Similarly, our skin works hard to provide protective barrier against mechanical, thermal and physical injury and hazardous substances, prevents loss of moisture, reduces harmful effects of UV radiation, and other critical functions. Thus, it loses its glow and ability to do its work without proper protection and nourishment.

Nutritious foods help sustain healthy hair and skin, but modern personal care products and practices can undo even the effects of a healthy diet.

At Shinkafa, we aim to avoid harmful chemicals and make our product to fulfill our vision that Shinkafa’s products represent food and nourishment for the skin and hair without harmful chemicals, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, hydroquinone, formaldehyde or artificial colorants.

If you find yourself struggling with hair loss or persistent skin ailments, there are at least two possibilities. At best, you’re just not getting the nutrients your body needs. At worst, it’s because some personal care is wreaking havoc on the nutrients your hair and skin need to be healthy!


Avoiding harmful chemicals is the best thing you can do for your hair and skin.

Each Shinkafa product is made with harmful chemicals. At Shinkafa we believe that superior effective ingredients produce effective superior products that support healthy hair and skin. Our shampoos and conditioners contain a potent mix of vitamins, keratin, essential amino acids, and healthy peptides. Our body creams and oils are rich with soothing properties, including vitamin E, amino acids, peptides, sodium hyaluronate, emu oil, white tea powder, butters including shea butter, honey, milk, copper ferment & saccharomyces, clays including rhassoul clay, charcoal, hydrolyzed collagen, herbs, superior oils and butters including fruit oils and extracts with natural heat and sun protection properties.

Shinkafa’s unique creations are designed to ensure and maintain healthy hair and skin. By using superior hair and skin care products, women of the world and their families, can make their hair stronger and longer, fortify their roots, cleanse their scalp, and even undo years of damage. And, of course, your skin will thank you, too: it will be softer, clearer, rejuvenated and acne and blemish free.


What is beauty if it is only fleeting? Shinkafa’s unique and specific formulations enhance your beauty from within.

For those with chemical sensitivity, there is relief with Shinkafa’s superior products without harmful chemicals.

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