“Meet Ngozi Bolin of Shinkafa in DTLA”

Shinkafa on Voyage LA

“One of the biggest challenges we face is convincing a very vulnerable population that they must be aware of what they put on their skin and hair as both our hair and skin are conductors. What we use on our hair and skin affects our overall health and we must be vigilant.”

– Ngozi Bolin – President, Shinkafa

Taking care of my hair and skin were things I did because I never liked the chemicals in a lot of what was dumped in Africa. For a long time, it was difficult for me, growing up in Nigeria, to find hair and skin care products that did not have hydroquinone. I didn’t want to bleach my skin and as I learned what that and other harmful chemical ingredients do to the body and overall health, it took a different urgency for me.

I never planned to create a line of hair and skin care products. What I made in my kitchen, I used for myself. I didn’t want harmful chemicals to touch my skin or my children’s skin. As friends and family saw how my skin and hair looked and how much younger I looked compared to my age, they asked me about my secret. So I did.

Suddenly, the demand got to the point where I needed to get the products into a commercial state. I got the help of several world-renown experts in the hair and skin care field to help me. It took me over 15 years to get to the point where I felt I could move to that commercial state…

Shinkafa on Voyage LA