Say YES to YOU

Skin Prep: From Summer to Fall - Relax

You spend your days caring for family, doing for others and making sure you do your job, but when was the last time you put yourself first? If you don’t remember then take the time now to start doing so. Consider those personal goals you’ve put on hold or that new class you hope to take “one day”, and sit down to take some time planning so they can become reality. Now is the time to begin investing in yourself and saying yes to you!

Change with the Seasons

With September here, so is the onset of the fall season, which means heading back to school, the weather starts to cool down and the days grow shorter. Transitioning from summer to fall can bring about a bit of sadness as we say goodbye to long days, warm temperatures and outdoor activities but fall can have its own set of rewards.

Those final weeks of summer can be a signal to reboot mentally, physically and emotionally. Why not use this seasonal shift as an opportunity to reassess each area of life, set new goals for yourself and focus on what matters to YOU, as an individual?

Just as fall means starting school for some, which equates to a new chapter in life, turn that time into an opportunity for yourself as well. Say yes to making a new friend, taking that class you keep putting off, buying that new item to spoil yourself a little, or anything that will satisfy you personally.  

Rather than being sad about summer leaving, give it a happy farewell by creating a journal or photo album of all the summer events that made the season so wonderful. Pack up your summer toys and clothes and donate items you no longer use or want. Giving to others always gives a feeling of satisfaction. 

Embrace the changing season as a reason to try out new recipes and create new meal plans with all the tasty seasonal fall fruits and vegetables. Turn it into an opportunity to involve the entire family through the process from beginning to end.

Enjoy a relaxing trip to the farmer’s market together and pick out items to create that new delicious recipe. Don’t stop there, everyone can participate in meal preparation too. It will create wonderful memories and strengthen the bond with those you love.

When you participate in fun activities that mentally stimulate you, the feelings of joy immerse, providing happiness and satisfaction. Pamper yourself with your favorite skin care and hair care products. While staying active is important, downtime is necessary too. Just as Fall is the time when nature slows down, permit yourself to slow down as well. A time for quiet, more relaxation and permitting yourself to snuggle up on the sofa is rejuvenating. A happy, healthy life is all about the right balance.

Be intentional about making the seasonal shift a positive experience and take time to care for yourself.

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The Importance of Saying YES to New Things

Trying new things or even the thought of trying of them brings up an assortment of emotions within people. For some it induces fear, apprehension or stress and for others it creates feelings of excitement and elation. 

If you are one who quickly says “NO” to the possibility of something new, why not take a different approach, stretch out of your comfort zone and say “YES”! By choosing to say YES, it can bring great value to your life. As others see you taking the leap, you may become an inspiration to them to follow your lead.

When choosing to say YES to life, it will ultimately lead to a more fulfilling existence. Living in fear and staying in your comfort zone is very limiting and you could miss out on some wonderful experiences and opportunities.

Find some new opportunities that fit within your moral compass and personal interests and go for it! In the process, it is likely you will experience your heart, mind and soul opening up in new ways.

Perhaps you’ve been lacking direction or a feeling of purpose. Through making new discoveries about yourself and meeting new people,  you might just create that connection that you were waiting for. Ultimately by expanding your horizons, it can improve your self-esteem and redefine your entire life in a positive way.

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Make Yourself Happy

What makes you happy? What matters most to you?

Massive amounts of research have been done to examine the positive impact of happiness and what generally induces it. On average when people are interacting with others in some form, such as hobbies, socializing, relaxing or exercising, they are feeling their best. By maximizing positive emotions on a routine basis, it actually increases health benefits that are comparable to exercise.

Furthermore, with exercise playing such an important role in our health, be sure to stay active. We’ve all heard about the “runner’s high” and what that means exactly is that the act of exercise brings about a feeling of pure happiness, and reduced levels of pain, stress and anxiety. Choose a physical activity that you enjoy and commit to doing it regularly. Better yet, invite a friend to join you.

So, say yes and explore new possibilities that will help in promoting your self preservation and happiness! Spend more time with friends and family, whom you enjoy being around or go out and meet someone new. Is there a new place you want to visit? If so, make plans to check it out. Be intentional about fitting more happy-inducing activities in your life by doing a variety of activities in shorter amounts of time. For example, rather than working out for an hour alone, reduce it to 30 minutes and then take a walk or jog around the neighborhood with a friend. Make a commitment to yourself to do something every day that makes you happy and don’t forget to change it up a bit.

Even though the more extraordinary events or experiences may create higher levels of happiness, the day-to-day ones typically have a longer lasting effect. TIme and time again, individuals, young and old alike, who realize their time on earth is limited become much more appreciative and intentional about savoring the routine daily or weekly experiences, no longer taking things for granted.

It is common for people to be less appreciative of time spent on regular everyday tasks, duties, and activities until they realize the activity is nearing an end. For example, if you are moving away from a favorite town, where you’ve had many positive experiences and developed meaningful relationships; during your final weeks, you’ll enjoy each and every pleasantry on a higher level. Another scenario is  when college students are anxiously awaiting graduation day and can’t wait to be done with the books, classes and tests; but when they come to realize that in leaving those things,, they will also be leaving friends, and every college-related activity they became accustomed to, they begin to stop and savor those experiences a little more.  

Good feelings and being happy are not only evoked by leisurely or fun activities but having a purpose in life is rewarding as well. Consider for a moment the commitment involved in raising children or caring for a loved one. While these daily responsibilities can sometime be thought of as unpleasant, ultimately it is those exact activities that contribute to significant feeling of well-being.

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Put Yourself First

All in all, be intentional and take care of yourself, making the most of each and every day. When you put yourself first, you will be better able to care for others, do your job well and handle life’s surprises as they come your way, so say yes to you!