“Shinkafa Gives Beauty Without Harsh Chemicals”

Shinkafa on LA Sentinel

“I always made my own creams just because I was afraid of what is in a lot of products. During the war, you didn’t have things to clean your teeth and my grandmother suggested that I use charcoal. Knowing that there are natural ways to get the results changed everything.”

– Ngozi Bolin – President, Shinkafa

Ngozi Bolin has created a skin and haircare product line free of alkali and sulfate ingredients to give women the chance to feel beautiful without harming their natural glow.

Growing up in a war-torn Nigeria, Bolin encountered many beauty product lines that had ingredients that would lighten skin and permanently straighten hair. Her grandmother would pass down natural beauty tips and, as a kid, Bolin started experimenting with hand pressed oils and clays. She has been mixing her own beauty products ever since.

Bolin started creating her own creams and oils for herself, but never thought that it would turn into a business. She instead took up a career in law working as a lawyer in Nigeria, New York and Los Angeles. Law was a passion for Bolin for much of her life, but it was weighing on her and more and more women were loving her products.

“It took up time to really get it right because all of these things are cooking. We argued about ingredients because I’d tell them, ‘Look, I don’t want chemicals. Don’t take me the alkali route,” said Bolin…

Shinkafa on LA Sentinel