All my life, I have struggled with acne…

Letters to Shinkafa

I have insane breakout! Sometimes I go on medication due to acne. I have lived on ProActiv, until I started using Shinkafa’s face masque. My acne was gone in about five applications. I treated the dark spots with Shinkafa’s toning cream, but only used that for about 3 weeks and stopped after the spot faded. I now use the face masque every three days to make sure the acne stays away. I use Shinkafa’s body cream with natural SPF and the face mousse as part of my daily upkeep. I am happily acne-free and can put on makeup without my face being an oily bumpy mess. Hopefully, you will start shipping in the UK soon. I normally have my order shipped to my family in the US who then ship to me here in the UK.


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