Embrace the Failures, Produce Success

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Oftentimes we have our plans and goals mapped out. But what happens when life happens and destroys those plans? What we may see as failure is often times the vehicle that is used to propel us to the place of success beyond what we could have planned ourselves.

Learning to Persevere at a Young Age

Perseverance is an important quality to have in life. And, if you take a few moments to walk down memory lane, it’s easy to see why. Maybe you can recall a time, even as a child, when you were trying to do something and it just didn’t work out. Maybe you were learning to ride a bicycle and you kept falling. After the first couple falls, you were probably very discouraged.

But, your determination to learn ultimately got you through it. Today, you can hop on a bike and ride it without a second thought. That’s because you didn’t give up. It might have taken some outside guidance and encouragement, but finally, you got on your bicycle and something changed–you didn’t fall. For the first time, you were balancing and pedaling all on your own!

It probably took you a few more bike rides to get comfortable steering and coordinating your movements, but once you felt what it was like to pedal all by yourself without the help of training wheels, you didn’t ever want to get off your bike again. Suddenly, you had a faster, funner way to go places. It was your first taste of freedom! More than that, it was your first glimpse at how perseverance can pay off.

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Persevering as an Adult

Later in life your so-called “failures” and challenges may not have come in a form quite as welcoming as falling on your first bike in the backyard. You also may not have had a helping hand there to pull you up once you hit the ground. That’s what happens as you get older: not only do you have to learn how to lift yourself back up, you have to learn how to help others get back on their feet too.

It can be a challenge to get yourself to keep trying something after failing at it. Maybe you did you best at a job interview but they passed you up for someone else, or maybe you were looked over for a promotion that you felt you had in the bag. Whatever the case may be, you have to remember your determination, your motivation, and above all, the importance of getting up and trying again.

Imagine if you had been so stubborn that you chose to never learn to ride that bike. In fact, imagine that you were so stubborn, you never tried anything in your life again after failing to succeed the first time around. You probably wouldn’t be anywhere close to where you are today, and that’s because “failure” is just a part of growth and change.

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Having Confidence & Discretion

Things won’t always go as planned. Sometimes, you’ll be so sure that life is going to turn out this way and then you wake up one morning and it’s heading in an entirely new direction. That’s what keeps things exciting. It keeps you on your toes and it challenges you to think in new ways, to open up your mind to new experiences, and to do everything you can to keep up while you enjoy the journey.

Let’s face it, life wouldn’t be nearly as nice if things always happened exactly as we pictured them. In fact, you can probably recount a few times in life when you really wanted to do something a certain way and it worked out differently. In hindsight, it may have worked out even better with all things considered.

Likewise, you’ve probably had plans change on you in the past or been warned against something and you stubbornly went about it anyway as you had originally planned. Sometimes, that stubbornness may have paid off. However, more often than not, you might look back and wish that you had wielded the words of the wiser and taken their cautionary tales to heart–like when they told you eating all your Halloween candy in one night would probably make your stomach hurt.

The point is, as an individual, you have to learn to look ahead, consider the possibilities, and have an open mind about new ideas and paths. At your own discretion, you might choose to take the advice and opportunities others present to you, even when it doesn’t match up with your original plan. Sometimes, that might not work out. But, no matter what happens, as long as you have confidence in yourself, in your ability to make decisions, and in the decisions you choose to make, you will come out as a stronger, smarter individual.

Learning to Reap Success from Failure

Ultimately, when you face an obstacle or challenge that knocks you down, you have to learn to get back up again. Sometimes you might have to find a way around it before you can move forward, other times you might decide that you want to take an entirely new path all together.

But, no matter what you choose, you have to approach every challenge with a smile and with a great sense of confidence and commitment. When you walk into a situation with the determination to succeed and with the knowledge that you will growth through the experience, no matter how many detours you have to take to get to where you’re going, no situation can ever be thought of as a “failure”.

The only way you could truly fail at something is to give up, but realize that there’s a difference between giving up on a plan and creating a new one. If you give up, you’re backing down without a way forward. You’re taking the easy way out for fear of falling off the bike again.

On the other hand, if you are creating a new plan, that means you are learning from what didn’t work. You’re going to walk into the next interview with a brighter smile and more confidence to talk about your abilities and experience. You’re going to walk into your boss’ office with the determination to get the promotion you deserve.

When you create a new plan, you’re recounting what hasn’t worked out, what could have gone better, and what you can do to shape your own success. You are growing through your experiences and becoming a stronger, better person with each second, third, or hundredth try.

Beauty Starts from Within

So, instead of looking at your journey’s next trial or obstacle as a failure, use it as a teaching tool to build character, integrity, and humility. Remember that it’s preparing you for that very thing that you desire.

Our brand, Shinkafa, believes that beauty starts from within. We want all women to feel confident in themselves, and we know it will shine through.