Why Face Primer Needs To Be In Your Daily Routine

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We’ve all seen the beauty tutorials where our favorite makeup artists and bloggers apply primer before starting with their elaborate makeup routines. And although we’ve thought about making the purchase before, we’re not sure how important this extra step really is.

Many women think that primer simply helps makeup stay longer, and only apply primer for special events or when wearing a lot of makeup. While this is a major benefit, primer has numerous benefits for your skin, your face, and your look. So put down that makeup brush, and take the extra few seconds to apply primer whether you are applying makeup or not! Allow this quick appliance to prepare, protect, and nourish your face, to leave you feeling and looking fresh, beautiful, and confident!

6 Benefits of Primer

1. Buy Primer, Save Money

An extra step in the morning means more time and more money, right? Wrong! By using primer you can actually save time and money. Although you might think of primer as an extra step, you can buy primers that include SPF and moisturizer, allowing you to say bye-bye to your daily sunscreen, eye cream, and more!

By eliminating other products you will not only save time, but will save money as well! And since a little primer goes a long way, you’ll be saving money in no time.

2. Why Reapply?

Another reason primer is such a time saver is because it keeps you from needing to reapply your makeup. With primer your makeup can go unchanged and undamaged for an entire day. Besides the occasional lipstick touchup, your makeup will stay just as you put it on in the morning.

Going hiking? Dancing? Shopping? Once you apply your primer, there is no worrying about whether or not your makeup will smear, drip, or come off completely. Primer transforms your face into a smooth canvas, so your makeup can stay on your face easier and longer. Primer also shields against dust, water, and debris, to help your makeup last!

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3. Protect Your Pores

If your pores are large or you break out from your makeup, you need to add primer to your daily routine right away! Without primer, makeup can get into your pores, causing irritation and breakouts. However, applying primer to your face will reduce the size of your pores, making them appear smaller. Since makeup primers are “non-comedogenic,” they won’t clog your pores, but instead will simply seal up your pores so makeup can’t get inside.

Not only will your pores seem smaller, but your makeup will look even better! Since a good primer protects the pores, your face because silky smooth, allowing makeup to spread evenly over the skin. Your makeup application will be smoother and faster, leaving your makeup looking better than ever.

4. Picture Perfect

Trying to get that picture perfect look every day? Then primer is your answer. Using primer under your makeup will help you achieve a youthful, airbrushed look all-day, everyday. One way to achieve this look is by using a primer with anti-aging ingredients. However, even a regular primer will leave you looking more youthful! Physicians Formula’s makeup artist Joanna Schlip said that makeup primers can help smooth and seal any fine lines, wrinkles or large pores, so your skin can look flawless!

Using primer will also help you achieve an airbrushed, even look. The vitamins in the primer will reduce redness and irritation in your skin while also color-correcting. If you have yellow tones in your skin go with a purple tinted primer for an even look. And use a green tinted primer if you have red tones in your skin.

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5. The Right Kind of Shine

If you have a naturally oily, shiny face, primer can help with that! Instead of blotting your face all day long, simply apply primer in the morning, and your pores will seal up, allowing less oil to come through, and less shine to show!

Oil might not be in, but highlighter definitely is! Applying primer gives your face a healthy and brighter look, almost like you’re wearing highlighter. No time for makeup or want to go natural? Not a problem. Just apply primer to make sure you are glowing all day.

6. There’s One For Everyone

While primer is right for everyone, there are many different types of primers to choose from. They come in a variety of colors and textures, from cream to gel to powder. Read this article to find out what type of primer is best for your skin!

Make sure to try Shinkafa’s Face Protector Mousse Primer to prep your face for makeup, and ensure a long-lasting, smooth, and shine-free makeup-look!

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