Wash Day Can Be Quick and Easy!

Wash Day Can Be Quick and Easy

Some women tend to dread the day they have to wash their hair. But by following this step-to-step process using Shinkafa’s products, your wash day will be fun, quick, and simple. Even better – your hair will look the best it ever has. Our brand, Shinkafa, specializes in effectively, quickly and easily treating hair with the nutrients it needs to be healthy and maintain a healthy look and feel.

The 3-Step Hair Care Routine

For normal, natural, curly, frizzy or dry hair: start with Shinkafa Anti-Frizz Detangling Keratin Shampoo with Biotin. If your scalp is very oily, itchy or acts up, you will start with our Anti-Frizz Charcoal Keratin Shampoo with Biotin. This is the only difference. The rest of the steps are the same for all kinds of hair.

After shampooing with your Biotin shampoo of choice, follow with Shinkafa Anti-Frizz Conditioner. This hair conditioner should be left on for about 5 minutes while in the shower as you continue with the rest of your routine. When the 5 minutes are up, be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly.

When you get out of the shower, towel-dry your hair. With your hair still slightly damp, apply Shinkafa Protein Keratin Leave-In Conditioner with Biotin. If you just want to wait it out and air dry your hair, that’s it! You are good to go! However, if you use a blow dryer, styling iron or have dry or frizzy hair, then you’ll add one extra step and apply the Hair Polish Finishing Serum. The Hair Polish has added heat protection properties. Once you have applied it, style your hair as usual.

This will be your “everyday” hair care routine, although most women don’t wash their hair every single day. Whenever you do need to wash your hair, follow the above steps to do it.

We will now address what we’ve termed the two “side methods” described below. These are your occasional routines for dealing with hair is damaged, very dehydrated, breaking or for dull hair. Use them as needed.

Twice A Month Damage Repair Routine

If your hair is severely damaged, weak or severely dehydrated, then you will want to use Shinkafa Deep Conditioner every two weeks after shampooing. You’ll substitute this into your routine in place of the Anti-Frizz Conditioner.

To apply this deep conditioner, you will either go under a hair dryer at medium heat for 10 minutes or just cover your hair with a shower cap for 20 minutes. This is the perfect time to take a long and relaxing bath! Once your timer has rang, rinse your hair thoroughly and then get out and towel-dry your hair.

With your hair still slightly damp, apply Shinkafa Protein Keratin Leave-In Conditioner with Biotin. That’s all you need to do if you are air drying. But, again, if you want to blow dry, use a styling iron, style with heat or if you have dry/frizzy hair, also apply the Hair Polish Finishing Serum with its heat protectant properties and style your hair as usual.

The Hair Revival Routine

For dry hair or for hair that is breaking, has split ends or is dull and lifeless, use the Shinkafa Protein Keratin Hair Masque after shampooing your hair. You will leave this on your hair for 20 minutes while your hair is covered with a shower cap. When your timer rings, rinse your hair thoroughly and towel-dry your hair.

You can do this if you’re taking a long bath or you can wash your hair in the sink, apply the masque, cover with a shower cap, and go about your business. About 20 minutes later, jump into the shower to rinse it out. Towel dry and then continue your routine.

When your hair is still slightly damp, apply Shinkafa Protein Keratin Leave-In Conditioner with Biotin. For those that like to air dry your hair, that’s it. If you use a blow dryer, styling iron or have dry or frizzy hair, then also apply the Hair Polish Finishing Serum with its added heat protection properties and style your hair as usual.

This “hair revival” routine can be used as needed to bring your hair back to life! But, when you regularly follow the 3-step hair care routine explained above, you won’t experience dull, brittle, or lifeless hair any longer so you will rarely need to take these extra steps.

The Shinkafa Skin Care Routine

To clean your skin, use Shinkafa Body Wash for normal skin types. For a deep cleansing, to detox, or for those with oily skin, problem skin or very itchy skin, use Shinkafa Charcoal Body Wash.

Follow either body wash with one of our hydrating moisturizing body oils or body creams depending on your needs. You should always follow your shower with a body oil or body cream to avoid dry skin, premature aging, sagging skin, and other things that result from just soaping up, rinsing off, and patting dry.

No Salon Needed!

Notice how you don’t need a salon to keep your hair and skin in beautiful condition? With Shinkafa’s nutrient-rich products and simple-to-follow routines, you can stay looking and feeling your best without wasting your time or money at an expensive salon. Continue your visits to your favorite salon for your trim and treats.

When you follow these routines, you’ll be able to ditch your harmful skincare and haircare products that are harsh on your skin and harsh on the environment. At Shinkafa, we never use harmful chemicals in our products because we care about you and the environment. All Shinkafa products are made in the USA and free of parabens, sulfates, hydroquinone, phthalates, formaldehyde or artificial colorants.

In a matter of weeks, you’ll begin to see a massive difference in the health of the skin and hair and how your skin and hair look and feel when you begin these simple routines. To help you get going, here are some answers to the most common personal care questions:

How often should I shampoo?

The answer to this question really depends on your routine and lifestyle. If you are jumping into water every day or out in nature, your hair is going to get dirtier much faster than someone who goes from their bed to their car and into work. Of course, if you work in an environment where you are around a lot of debris (or pollution), you’ll also need to wash more often.In general, women are starting to find that how often they shampoo is a very variable thing. Every day is too often for the average woman, which is why you should pay close attention to how your hair looks and feels to decide when it needs a good wash. Daily brushing is necessary for most hair types to keep it looking and feeling fabulous (it helps distribute the sebum from the roots to the tips), but not all hair types can be easily brushed and for those, especially those with kinky hair types, should limit their hair manipulation and should always comb or brush with nourishing Leave-in Conditioner and Hair Polish.

What you eat and what you do each day is going to determine how often you wash your hair. Figure out a routine that works for you by really listening to your body and looking at your hair’s health and appearance. Change it up as needed.