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Unfortunately, hair can be damaged relatively quickly. Once damaged, it can take some time for you to restore it back to its most beautiful and healthy state.

When it comes to hair damage, the secret to fast recovery is detecting your hair damage quickly. As soon as you notice that your hair is frizzy, dry, dull, breaking or with split ends, you need to take action to begin treating it. Shinkafa’s gentle, nourishing and hydrating shampoos, keratin hair masque and conditioners can take over your hair care regime and help you begin the repair process. In a matter of days or weeks, depending on the extent of the damage, your hair will begin to feel softer and fuller as your wrecked and straw-like tresses are brought back to life.

With this in mind, prevention is always better than trying to find a cure. That’s why you should make Shinkafa’s haircare products a part of your daily haircare regime in order to maintain your beautifully healthy hair and prevent damage before it has the chance to take root. A good maintenance routine will help your hair look better in the short-term while keeping it healthy in the long-term.

If your hair happens to be especially damaged, sometimes what you need to restore it back to its good health is a quick trim, or a chop, and a serious hair care treatment to nourish each strand. The next step is to stop doing the damage-causing activities that got your hair into the state in the first place. This typically means using heat protectant like Shinkafa Hair Polish Finishing Serum and Shinkafa Protein Keratin Leave-In Conditioner, but beyond that, trying to reduce your use of heated styling tools.

It is no secret that the heat caused by styling tools can quickly damage your hair, frying it and sometimes doing so to the point where it’s beyond repair. Your hair may become seriously damaged to the point where it is breaking off or even falling out, and that can be a very tough situation to go through. That’s why, if you notice a slight damage now, you should act sooner rather than later to reclaim your hair’s health and vitality.

Leave-in conditioners, like the one that is offered in Shinkafa’s range of hair products that are made without harmful chemicals, can help you overcome the damage caused by hot styling tools. And, when you use products that a free from harmful chemicals, you’re able to further repair your hair since you’re getting rid of the harsh and harmful chemicals found in many other hair care products. This makes for a nourished, hydrated, shiny and smooth hair that has no frizz!

When it comes to damaged hair, it is also very important that you choose sulfate-free products. Shinkafa never uses sulfates in our products because we recognize how harmful they can be to your delicate locks. That’s why Shinkafa’s haircare products are the best choice if you are looking to restore your hair’s beauty and maintain it for decades to come.



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