Dry & Brittle Hair

Dry and brittle hair can be caused by many different things. While there can be underlying serious medical causes behind it, in most cases, brittle hair boils down to nothing more than a poor hair care routine. This nuisance is often brought about by neglect and the use of far too many chemicals on your delicate hair.

Nutrition is very important to your overall wellness, but what many women (and men) don’t realize is that it can directly affect the health and beauty of their hair. Just like you eat right to nourish your body, you need to be giving your hair the nutrients it so desperately needs. And, the quickest and most direct way to nourish your hair is with superior and effective hair care products without harmful chemicals. Those products must help promote the health of your scalp and hair shaft health and thus ensure the a healthy function of the sebum to properly lubricate and waterproof the hair .

The right regime for your hair will include a good balance of proteins and nutrients to keep it moisturized and healthy. These things act as the building blocks that are necessary for your body to be able to construct strong hair and keep it shiny. Without these nutrients, hair can become dry and brittle, and can also begin falling out.

In addition to feeding your hair the right nutrients with the correct shampoos and conditioners, you also need to think about your styling routine and the potential damage it could be doing to your hair.

When you use heat to style your hair, it’s inevitably damaging to each strand. If you overuse heat on your hair, using it too often or allowing your styling tools to get too hot, you can end up frying your hair, which can permanently damage it. This will require hair regrowth in order to be repaired, and it can be a long tough process to get back your healthy hair.

If you haven’t reached that state yet, it is extra important for you to take great care in how you treat your hair each day. In addition to using heat protectants, be sure to use the proper hair care products, without harmful chemicals, to give your hair the nutrients it needs. Shinkafa creates good-for-you hair products for just this reason and using them regularly can help keep your hair healthy, like Shinkafa Hair Polish Finishing Serum which is also a heat protectant, and Shinkafa Protein Keratin Leave-In Conditioner for use during styling.

With the right regular maintenance routine, your hair damage can be repaired and you’ll be able to maintain the structural integrity of your hair, preventing dry and brittle strands and stopping hair loss. Using Shinkafa’s products like Shinkafa Hair Masque, Shinkafa Deep Conditioning Crème and daily use Anti-Frizz Conditioner right after washing with a Shinkafa Anti-Frizz Detangling Keratin Shampoo with Biotin, you can restore smooth and healthy hair in a matter of weeks and maintain it for life.



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