Jojoba Oil

Ingredients Jojoba-Oil

Jojoba oil has long been a staple in skincare, but are you aware of all the benefits it has for your beauty bag?

Why Jojoba Oil?

The number one reason why jojoba oil is used so frequently is that it is a skin moisturizer. Most cleaning agents will strip the sebum off your skin, which leads to it drying out. Even when washing hands with plain water, you are removing that protective layer and letting the moisture escape.

Moisturizing with Jojoba Oil

Dehydrated skin will age much more quickly and it’s also susceptible to irritants that lead to dermatitis and germs looking to enter the skin. Hydrated skin is healthy skin, which is why the natural waxy substance of jojoba oil is so useful for sealing in the moisture and making an effective barrier to protect your skin from the elements.

The structure of jojoba oil is so close to the structure of the sebum naturally secreted in your skin that jojoba oil is readily accepted when put onto your skin. You can rub a few drops of it into your palms and put it on your face and other exposed skin whenever you go outside. Products rich in jojoba oil are also great for every day use.

Skin Balancing and Other Benefits from Jojoba Oil

But, in addition to being moisturizing, jojoba oil can also help balance your skin. Many people who suffer from oily skin use it to calm their overactive sebaceous glands, mostly found on the face and scalp. Jojoba oil is frequently found in shampoos to moisturize the hair and also help ward off oily hair. It’s also great for skin that is too oily because it modulates sebum production.

You probably never knew it, but oily skin is a direct result of skin that is way too dry. However, the liquid jojoba oil layer keeps the skin well hydrated, which means the sebaceous glandes respond and generate less sebum as a result.

In addition to all of the above, jojoba oil also has an anti-inflammatory effect that makes it great for soothing your skin. Plus, it’s good for acne control, chapped lips, dry cuticles (which are susceptible to infection), cracked feet, dry hands, eczema, psoriasis, and so much more!

Jojoba oil is even recommended for sunny days because, even when religiously using sunscreen, you may find that you get a sun burn anyway. When that happens, your skin has suffered UV damage and the inflammation that results can be relieved with jojoba oil. The Vitamin E and Vitamin B-complex vitamins that are found within jojoba oil will help the ski repair itself while controlling damage. These are some of the wonderful reasons why Jojoba oil is integral ingredient in Shinkafa’s highly effective Body Oil and Body Oil with Natural Toning.

On your scalp, jojoba oil can even be used for thinning hair and to control dry and frizzy strands that are craving moisture.



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