Tight Curls

Conditions Tight Curls

One of the major advantages of having tight curls is the volume they provide. On the other hand, one drawback is the fact that they are not easy to maintain. Of course, learning how to manage your tight curls and using the right products can make all the difference.

Some people will naturally have tight curls but one can also get them artificially too. Either way, they require a bit more special care than other types of hair.

What Are Tight Curls?

When we say tight curls, imagine hair strands like a corkscrew. With each hair strand so tightly wound, the resulting hairstyle is quite bouncy and it features simply stunning volume. If you naturally have curly hair, you can identify your type as tight curls if the hairs strands are a combination of curly and coily. The overall hairstyle has quite the definition and volume, and when managed right, natural tight curls can be absolutely beautiful.

How to Get Tight Curls

You may hear many women with natural tight curls complaining about maintenance, but many others actually want to get them. There are plenty of methods, both with heat and without heat, to get tight curls. If you can’t manage it yourself, it is recommended to visit your nearest salon.

At home, you can use curling rods, blow dryers, gels, curlers, and a few other methods to achieve curls, but often getting intense tightness in your curls is difficult so people prefer getting the help of a professional or using high-quality beauty accessories.

Maintaining Tight Curls

If you have natural tight curls, you will always have to take certain measures to keep them in a healthy condition. Likewise, if you have chosen to adopt this hairstyle, you will need the same measures to keep the style going for a longer period of time.

Here is what you need to manage tight curls:

  • Keeping your tight curls moisturized is a must. Since the hair is so tightly wound, they require more hydration from the scalp. This means you will have to constantly replenish the moisture. Dehydrated tight curls will become frizzy and unruly. The definition and volume will be destroyed, giving an unwanted messy appearance.
  • Use products that provide amino acids to the hair strands. This will maintain their volume and shine.
  • Providing the curls with silk proteins locks the moisture inside them. This will keep the curls bouncy and strong, maintaining a healthy appearance.

Here are a few things to avoid:

  • Don’t use shampoos with sulfates. Try using completely sulfate free ones, like those offered by Shinkafa.
  • Avoid hair products with alcohol as an ingredient.
  • Don’t mess with your curls too much.
  • Avoid using heat regularly.

Coiled Hair

In cases of severely coiled hair that is impossible to comb, more treatment is required. This type of hair is dense, springy coils that is tightly coiled. This hair is actually quite delicate and very dry, brittle and shrinks down upon contact with water. This hair type finds it difficult to comb without some type of help in extreme cases. This hair type will tend to want to go natural but difficult to execute.

For this hair type, Shinfaka’s revolutionary formaldehyde-free 4-Step Keratin Relaxer Kit will be ideal to allow the person to manage the hair. You are able to expand, smoothen and loosen tight coils, curls, tight waves. Tame, smoothen and de-frizz problem hair without harm to your hair or scalp.

Conditions Coily Hair

Shinkafa’s Keratin Relaxer Kit is not a Brazilian treatment, it does not have formaldehyde and does not give off formaldehyde. Shinkafa’s Keratin Relaxer Kit is not a hair straightener. Shinkafa’s kit works to expand your coils, curl and waves by about 30% which is desirable for a tightly coiled curl. Shinkafa’s Keratin Kit does not burn your scalp. Shinkafa’s Keratin Kit grows, strengthens, softens, smoothens and expands your curls, reduces hair shrinkage, while enhancing your hair’s body and leaving it healthy, smooth, soft and bouncy with a natural look and feel.

You can now handle your hair with ease, whether you style it naturally, curly, wavy, sleek and straight, or somewhere in between. Again, Shinkafa Keratin Hair Relaxing Kit is not a hair straightener. It simply expands your coils, curls and waves to allow you maximum ease in the daily management of your natural hair.



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