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Ever been burnt by the sun or got allergies on your skin due to dust or some cream you put on your skin or went into a sneezing fit over a product? The words you will normally hear if you question why that happens are “sensitive skin.” Having sensitive skin is entirely natural and it’s a very common condition. There is no age group or ethnicity that is particularly susceptible to having sensitive skin. Instead, it’s a natural condition that could arise in any person no matter who they are or what their age is. If you have sensitive skin, it means you need to be able to cope with it on a daily basis. But, before you can know how to deal with sensitive skin, you need to understand what it is and how it is caused.

What Is Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin does not happen to be a disease by itself but is actually a symptom of another prevalent condition, or may be caused by that condition and/or disease. Hence dealing with sensitive skin does not require much extraneous effort. Tweaking your skin routine slightly to take care of the changes you feel can be enough to help you. By keeping any symptoms caused by sensitive skin in check, you can manage your sensitivity, when a cure is out of the question.

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What Causes Sensitive Skin?

Your skin can be dry due to dehydration and a lack of moisturize or nourishment. Dry skin can cause itching, flaking, and roughness of the skin while also making it crack and bleed in extreme cases. This can be very painful. Dry skin is a highly common cause of sensitive skin and requires sensible treatment.

Eczema impairs the skin’s ability to keep you safe from harmful bacteria and viruses. Germs now find it easy to act on your body and end up damaging your skin by making it excessively dry, flaky, cracked, swollen, and very itchy.

Irritants and allergens both cause damage when your skin comes into contact with one. Such problems to the skin are often called contact dermatitis and happen to damage your skin by eroding the protective layer. This causes a range of symptoms from rashes to swellings.

Moreover, your skin can also suffer from a host of diseases that not only impair its protective functions but also cause increased sensitivity. These diseases can cause inflammation, dryness, rashes, and swelling.

Managing Sensitive Skin

The biggest indication that your skin is overly sensitive happens to be allergic reactions or irritations towards domestic products such as dishwashing liquid, soap, or shampoo. Such products are made from a variety of chemicals, including some that can irritate or damage overly sensitive skin.

If you wish to protect your sensitive skin from damage, avoid products with sulphates at all costs. Moreover, try your very best to avoid industrial chemicals and try alternatives without harmful irritating chemicals instead. The less exposed to irritants you are, the easier it will be to protect your skin.

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