Safflower Seed Oil

Ingredients Safflower Seed Oil
Ingredients Safflower Seeds

Many oils in the world have therapeutic effects, with many being used to treat various skin conditions while others have proven very beneficial for hair care. Oils are highly sought after in the beauty industry because they are natural and offer so many perks without being toxic or filled with chemicals.

What is Safflower Seed Oil?

Safflower oil is among the list of oils used in the beauty industry, and there are many reasons why. First and foremost, it is colorless! That makes it easy to add in to beauty formulas. When taken internally as a popular cooking oil, it has the power to lower cholesterol and strengthen the immune system.

When it comes to its use in the beauty industry, safflower oil is sought after because it helps improve the skin’s texture and quality. This is because of the linoleic acid found in safflower oil, and that’s an important thing to note.

In general, safflower oil comes in two forms: high linoleic acid and low linoleic acid. For skin care, the linoleic acid is what you want so obviously you’d opt for the former. That’s what most beauty brand do too, incorporating high amounts of linoleic acid into their products through the use of safflower oil.

Skin and Hair Benefits from Safflower Seed Oil

Linoleic acid combines with the sebum naturally produced by your skin in order to reduce rashes, acne, and clogged pores. These are some of the reasons why you will find this wonderful ingredient in Shinkafa Face Masque that is highly effective on acne. Linoleic acid also helps facilitate the regeneration of your skin’s cells, which leaves you looking younger. These are among the reasons why you will find this wonderful ingredient in Shinkafa Body Oil, Body Oil with Natural Toning, Shinkafa Body Cream with natural SPF and Shinkafa Body Cream with Natural Toning.

Hair and Safflower Seed Oil

When it comes to your hair, safflower oil has many more benefits for both men and women. Men who suffer from hair loss will appreciate protein rich safflower oil since the loss of protein is one of the main cases of baldness and hair loss.

By preventing the loss of protein, safflower oil can be used to promote healthy hair growth. Plus, it is a rich source of Vitamin E, which is a well known moisturizer and antioxidant. Vitamin E keeps the scalp hydrated and its antioxidant properties help protect the hair from free radicals that often result from UV rays or internal stress.

In addition to baldness and hair loss, safflower oil is also used to nourish and hydrate healthy hair. Being odorless, it is easy and pleasant to use compared to other natural oils. You will find safflower seed oil in Shinkafa Keratin Leave-in Conditioner, Shinkafa Anti-Frizz Conditioner and Shinkafa Deep Conditioner.

Skin and Safflower Seed Oil

For skin care, safflower oil is often treated as a lubricant that seals moisture into the skin. This leads to healthy, glowing skin that is nicely hydrated. Rough areas are smoothed out and the tone and texture of your skin will smoothen out as a result.

Overall, safflower oil is a very popular ingredient in the beauty industry and, with all of these uses in mind, it is very easy to see why. Safflower oil has no negative effects, does not evoke allergies, and it perfect for use in everything from hair products to skin care line ups.



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