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Just like ombre highlights, strobing and coloring, keratin is another phenomena that has managed to continue trending in the world of beauty and cosmetics. You’ve probably heard about it from your friend or saw a claim on the internet that it was extremely beneficial to the hair. If so, you’ve actually gotten some good information.

Keratin is an important constituent in beauty products such as shampoos and conditioners, and it also comes in the form of supplements. It can be incorporated into full keratin treatments that are meant to make the hair look more healthy. But, with so much misinformation on the web, let’s break down the mystique around this supposedly magical product and go in depth about keratin.

Keratin is the protein that mostly makes up your nails, skin and hair. It can be found in your body’s glands and internal organs. It is less prone to tearing or scratching as opposed to the other kinds of cells produced by the body, and happens to be a protective protein.

Keratin is a naturally occurring fibrous protein that contributes to the overall structure of the outer layer of your skin, nails, and hair. Think of keratin as a magical protein that gives your hair strength and protects it from the everyday challenges that come with merely roaming the face of this earth. The whole process of keratin creation is somewhat convoluted, but for this discussion, we will keep it simple. Our bodies have tiny cells known as keratinocytes that drive the production of keratin. These keratinocytes produce keratin in a repetitious cycle. Keratin embeds itself in our hair and gives it the strength and vibrancy it needs to withstand our indulgences in the use of heat or chemicals that can sometimes prove harmful to our hair.

Unfortunately, there is a single culprit beyond our control that causes keratin to diminish. Age! As we navigate the sometimes treacherous path to natural hair sainthood, we do so over the course of several years. As we begin to grow a bit older with each passing year, our keratin levels decide to drop. The decrease of this protein can be utterly disastrous if you fail to address it head-on. From dull, dingy hair to unexpected hair loss, this decrease in keratin can wreak havoc on the overall look and feel of your natural hair.

People who have tried keratin on their hair have widely reported that they found it to be an effective product that made their hair smoother and healthier. Keratin smoothens down the cells that constitute the hair strands and is absorbed by the hair cuticle to result in hair that is glossier and fuller.

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The good news is that there are numerous keratin-based products on the market that are capable of reviving your kinks and coils. No longer are we beholden to a future of dull, dry, brittle hair. Many people make the mistake of assuming that keratin is a hair straightening agent. Let’s face it, if you have been on YouTube University or hair care blogs in recent years, most of these fashionistas and self-prescribed hair experts promote keratin as a hair straightening agent. However, keratin is not a straightener. It is a reinforcing hair element that offers a wealth of benefits for those with kinks, coils, and bountiful curls. Some of the benefits of keratin are increased hair thickness, reduction of frizz, decreased breakage, coil and curl softening, to name a few.

The beauty benefits of Keratin have been reported widely and are packaged into a range of different ways. Keratin supplements in particular have become quite common over time and can be found at any health food store. Keep in mind that these supplements must not be overused as they can build up too much protein in your body, which is why it’s best to use a topical application (like Keratin rich beauty products) and adopt a healthy balanced diet. Try to avoid taking those keratin supplements. Most experts recommend for you to increase your keratin levels naturally through diet or keratin products that help to improve the structure of hair. Unfortunately, there are reports of hair loss as a result of having too much of these supplements in your body.

Keratin conditioners, shampoos, and serums can be helpful in repairing dried out hair as well as making it more damage resistant. Research has shown that keratin in an effective ingredient in beauty products due to the active components of keratin. Keratin can help reduce frizz without disrupting the disulfide bond of the hair or the coils and curl pattern itself. Keratin-based products like Shinkafa’s Anti-Frizz Detangling Shampoo With Biotin and its charcoal version and Shinkafa’s Anti-Frizz Conditioner can help establish a natural environment for proper hydration. Shinkafa’s keratin-rich beauty products will help your hair’s natural beauty shine through.

Hierarchical structure of hair

The hierarchical structure of hair in the cortex and cuticle. The main component of the cortex is a keratin coiled-coil protein phase. The proteins form intermediate filaments, which then organize into larger and larger fibres. The hair is surrounded by the cuticle, a dead cell layer. The common features observed in the X-ray data of all specimens are signals related to the coiled-coil keratin phase and the formation of intermediate filaments in the cortex, and the cell membrane complex. Signal assignment and corresponding length scales are shown in the figure. (Wikipedia)

Keratin treatments offer a way of making use of keratin to elongate curls, waves or coils to make the natural hair more manageable, healthier and glossier. with products like. One bad mark on keratin treatments especially the ones perfected in Brazilian is their use of formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen. Now, why would any living person want an embalming ingredient on themselves? So, it is important that the keratin treatment must not have or give off formaldehyde which a lot of keratin treatment on the market do.

With Shinfaka’s revolutionary formaldehyde-free 4-Step Keratin Relaxer Kit, you are able to expand, smoothen and loosen tight coils, curls, tight waves. Tame, smoothen and de-frizz problem hair without harm to your hair or scalp. Shinkafa’s Keratin Relaxer Kit is not a Brazilian treatment, it does not have formaldehyde and does not give off formaldehyde. Shinkafa’s Keratin Relaxer Kit is not a hair straightener. Shinkafa’s kit works to expand your coils, curl and waves by about 30%. Shinkafa’s Keratin Kit does not burn your scalp. Shinkafa’s Keratin Kit grows, strengthens, softens, smoothens and expands your curls, reduces hair shrinkage, while enhancing your hair’s body and leaving it healthy, smooth, soft and bouncy with a natural look and feel.

Go swimming, walk in the rain, exercise, and wash and wear your hair without hassle. Because now you can handle your hair with ease, whether you style it naturally, curly, wavy, sleek and straight, or somewhere in between. Again, our revolutionary kit is not a hair straightener. It simply expands your coils, curls and waves to allow you maximum ease in the daily management of your natural hair. Application of the Kit takes approximately 45 minutes at home.

Ingredient Keratin

For those who want to join the natural hair sainthood but have a simple wish to be able to simply comb their natural hair, Shinkafa 4-Step Keratin Relaxer Kit is the answer. For some, the natural hair movement is an unattainable goal because of this basic inability to comb the hair. This is particularly true of those with dense coils that shrink down every time the hair comes in contact with water. What good is the movement to this group? People in this group would have tried everything simply to comb the hair, including braiding, alkali straighteners and alkali relaxers, Jheri curls with curl activators. Say goodbye to burnt scalps, fried hair, incredible breakage and shrinking with Shinkafa’s line of haircare products.

If you are struggling with thinning hair, keratin may be the answer to your woes. This protein adds an extra layer of protection to hair, enabling it to sustain its overall strength. That’s right naturalistas! Flexibility is the keyword here, and you need hair that is high in elasticity if you are to have thick healthy detangled hair. Keratin products like keratin-based shampoos like Shinkafa’s Anti-Frizz Detangling Keratin Shampoo with Biotin and conditioners like Shinkafa’s Protein Keratin Leave-In Conditioner with Biotin may further boost the flexibility of your hair without stripping it of its natural oils to keep tangled and matted hair at bay.



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