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Even with all the efforts and all the styling in the world, oily or greasy hair will still show through at the end and give a bad impression of your overall look. If left untreated for too long, oily hair can even become a permanent condition and lead your hair to looking like oily and shapeless strings tied together. This condition has increasingly become common in men and women both, and naturally causes a lot of frustration amongst many. Let’s break down what exactly oily hair is, what its causes are, and how you can fight it.

What is oily hair?

The terms “oily” and “greasy” refer to the amount of sebum or natural oil that is visible on your hair. When the hair has too much sebum on it, it becomes shapeless and sticky, hence causing the condition of ‘greasy’ or ‘oily’ hair.

What makes the hair look oily?

There are several reasons as to why your hair can be oily. One of the reasons is just your natural production of sebum. The scalp naturally produces sebum, a sticky liquid that keeps hair clumped together and prevents individual fibers from moving freely.

Sebum keeps the scalp and hair hydrated, moisturized, and healthy. Some people just naturally produce more sebum on their hair than others and hence will have their hair get greasy faster. Diet is another important factor at play when it comes to greasy hair. Diets that are too high in saturated fats as well as refined carbohydrates can mess up your skin’s natural oil production and end up having you produce extraneous sebum, inevitably leading to greasy hair.

Another important reason for oily hair is constant usage of problematic hair care products. Some styling products contain ingredients that can make the hair look greasy and dirty. Too much exposure to pollution and dust also play a part in making the hair greasy.

How To Fight Oily Hair

There are several things that can be done to ward off oily hair. There are many hair care products that, if compatible with your hair, can make a difference in your oily hair and restore its health and balance. In some case sebum builds up because the hair has not been washed for a long time. So, washing your hair in proper intervals and making sure it’s tidy at all times will also help you have less oily hair. However, do not overdo the hair washing or you will start of a vicious cycle of too much oil, then correcting and then the sebaceous glands in the scalp produces more oil to compensate for the assault on the scalp.

As mentioned before, since your diet does play a role in causing oily hair, maintaining a balanced diet can be helpful too. Also, make sure you are not using any hair care products that are damaging to your hair.

With a little bit of care and effort, anyone can successfully ward off the nuisance that is oily hair. With the help of Shinkafa’s products, crafted without harmful chemicals, you can help keep your hair in its healthiest and most beautiful state. We have found that those with excessively greasy hair condition benefit from Shinkafa Anti-Frizz Detangling Charcoal Shampoo with Biotin, followed immediately by Shinkafa Anti-Frizz Conditioner. This is rinsed out. Once the hair is towel dried, apply Shinkafa Protein Keratin Leave-In Conditioner. This routine has been found to be effective for some folks with very oily hair and scalp that may need to wash their hair daily.

These Shinkafa products offer gentle, hydrating and nourishing cleansing while maintaining the integrity of the hair, without harmful chemicals, without sulphates, parabens or alcohol-based fragrances.


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