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People are becoming more conscious about what they are putting on their bodies. From hair to feet and regardless of gender, beauty products are getting the most attention they ever have. The market is rich with a variety of products, giving you as a consumer many choices.

All beauty products use a certain formula of ingredients that aim to resolve a specific beauty issue. People have become quite conscious of what kind of ingredients are added to the beauty products they commonly use. The reason behind this awareness is the fact that more chemical-oriented products are harmful to the body.

When it comes to natural ingredients for beauty products, some are quite common as they are well-known for their benefits. However, every once in a while, a new ingredient is discovered and it creates a hype among beauty lovers. Mongongo oil is one such ingredient, but it is not a hype.

While it is fairly new in the western beauty market, Africans have long used this magnificent oil to clean and hydrate the skin. More people around the world are quickly becoming aware of its benefits and appreciating that it is a safe and beneficial ingredient packed with proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids which act as a barrier to aid moisture retention, vitamin E which is a known powerful antioxidant that helps stave off skin damage and signs of aging, and protein. Just as importantly, the alpha-Eleostearic acid contained in mongongo oil adds a layer of sun protection to this powerful oil. Mongongo oil will soon reach the ranks of coconut oil and Shea butter.

Mongongo oil is extracted from an egg-shaped fruit, which belongs to the manketti tree. This tree has the ability to survive in the extreme condition of Sub-Saharan Africa and mongongo oil itself has a history of being used in skin care routines due to its emollients and protectant properties. It is also used for hair health.

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While the fruit of the manketti tree itself isn’t that famous, the seeds of the fruit contain vitamin E and other extremely healthy nutrients like calcium, zinc, and copper. Vitamin E is known for its antioxidant effect that helps prevent skin damage and fight signs of aging.

Mongongo oil is added to a variety of skin and hair products because it not only moisturizes but protects as well. As compared to coconut and almond oils, which contain saturated and monosaturated fatty acids respectively, mongongo oil has the polyunsaturated fatty acids. These are excellent for skin protection as they create an emollient layer. This layer prevents the skin from losing moisture.

Those with sensitive skin or who suffer from conditions like eczema or skin redness will find products with mongongo oil very soothing. This oil contains linoleic acid that improves skin inflammation. Mongongo oil also contains the alpha-Eleostearic acid, which is a protector against the UV rays. Sun damage is the cause of many skin and hair problems; especially in areas where the climates are harsh and hot. In Africa, people commonly use mongongo oil for protection against the sun. This is why mongongo oil is added to skin, lips, and hair care products.

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