Ingredient Biotin

Vitamin B7, or Biotin, is a part of the vitamin B complex, which is a group of key nutrients needed for cardiovascular functions, the digestive system, nervous system, and metabolic system. It was once called coenzyme R and vitamin H. The H stands for Haar und Haut, which is German for hair and skin. It is an essential human nutrient that is required for various biochemical processes like generation of glucose from non-carbohydrate sources, catabolism of amino acids and the synthesis of fatty acids. It is also a water soluble vitamin that is used in many beauty products but can also be incorporated as a part of your diet.

Biotin is found naturally in many foods. According to the Natural Institute of Health:

“Foods that contain the most biotin include organ meats, eggs, fish, seeds, nuts, and certain vegetables (such as sweet potatoes). The biotin content of food can vary; for example, plant variety and season can affect the biotin content of cereal grains, and certain processing techniques (e.g., canning) can reduce the biotin content of foodsproducts and cosmetics.”

Bioton is found in many cosmetics and is used in the formulation of moisturizing agents, shampoos, grooming aids and hair conditioners. The usage of biotin can improve the activity of the neurotransmitters as well as nerve signaling. It can help enhance brain health and memory function and also help strengthen the heart.

Research has shown that a combination of chromium and biotin supports the natural function the body to regulate and manage blood sugar levels. Biotin is effective at improving the structure of keratin. Keratin is the protein that makes up your nails, skin and hair. It can be found in your glands and internal organs. It is less prone to tearing or scratching as opposed to the other kinds of cells produced by the body, and happens to be a protective protein. Studies have shown that women who took biotin supplements demonstrated a significant reduction in hair shedding while also experiencing faster hair growth. Symptoms of biotin deficiency include hair loss and dry skin.

Since Keratin happens to be present in the nails as well as the skin, the benefits of Biotin also extend to all those regions. In addition to being healthy for the hair, Biotin is also effective at protecting the skin from cracking, dryness, rashes and acne as well fungal infections.

Ingredient Biotin

Moreover, Biotin is also known for helping treat weak nails and hair. Biotin is extremely beneficial for people who have a deficiency of Vitamin B7. It can help with brittle nails, has smoothing and moisturizing properties and add volume and glow to hair. It can help upkeep your appearance and keep you looking attractive and young by targeting the look of your skin, nails and hair.

Biotin is commonly added to skin and hair beauty products, and it can be found inside of Shinkafa’s proprietary formulas like Shinkafa’s Anti-Frizz Detangling Shampoos With Biotin, Shinkafa’s Protein Keratin Leave-in Conditioner and Deep Conditioning Crème. Biotin has been shown to support healthy skin growth especially around the nose, mouth and eyes. It is also conducive to maintaining the normal thickness of toenails and fingernails.



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